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About Me
I'm a 17 year old trapper from Maine. I also enjoy hunting, fishing, snowmobiling, snowshoeing, and all that good outdoor stuff. I live in a really small town in Maine, with a population of about 450 people...on a crowded day. I have a dog named Ginger, a chocolate lab that loves beaver carcasses, and riding on the 4-wheeler.


I trap coyotes, fox, fisher,bobcats, mink otter, muskrats, beaver, coons and weasles. It's another season already, and I've jumped up to 13 Coyote, 1 Fox, and 2 Fisher. Had bad luck with the otter, and only got one rat, but ended up with three mink.Beaver trapping started a few weeks ago, and we've caught 11 of them so far, the last one weighing 48 pounds.Would like to have ya e-mail me your catches for the season or if ya have any questions or comments, you can reach me by ICQ, # 28608381.


Always try and support the trapping tradition. You can do this by joining your state TA, or the NTA. We all need to help, and win this war against the antis .

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My Chat
My trapping chat
My Pics
Finally got some pics of last year scanned in
Trapperman's Forum
Another great forum
Sportsman's Guide
Great online surplus store, good hiking and camping equipment
Some Pics
I'm workin on this part, it's just some pics that me be useful for the time being
Tim's Page
Another trapping page, also pretty good
Nick's Site
This is a friend of mine's site, its pretty good
Ronnie's Trapping Page
Another great trpping page with some pictures
T&L Furs
Many fur products, raw and unfinished, skulls, tanned goods, links
Kishel's Korner
Great hunting page, with links, advice, recipies, classifieds, and other helpful stuff
Sky and Wolfer's Outdoors Website
Great family site, tons of links and information and pictures.
Paul Dobbins Trap Classifieds
Has traps for sale, or you can post want adds
Buckshot's Place
Tips, Tactics and Technics for Trappers
Bear Bass Hunters
This site has good stuff about hunting, and fishing.
North Woods Taxidermy
You kill it, they stuff it. Also has some useful links.
Dream Catchers, USA
Makingdreams and wishes come true for people with disabilities
Otter Creek
A great page with a chat
Sporting Adventures
Great site with a popular forum
Wildlife Damage Control
Wildlife Damage Control "supplying information and products for DIY'ers"
In Heat Scents
Has a line of in heat urines which include:coyote, bobcat, mink, fox, raccoon, rabbit, and wolf

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